SmartVideo Review – Software Discount & Special Bonus Review

SmartVideo Software Review plays a major role in providing seamless integration with various social media platforms, such as Facebook to display the information of a customer profile in no time on a video. This is a cloud-based platform and it allows individuals to personalize and earn profit from any video by following some of the simple and easy steps.

Why Online Businesses Require SmartVideo

Whether you want to use marketing videos to promote the product offers of your company, to sell and receive opt-ins, you have to focus on engagement of your target audience or on the wow factor.

If the viewers of your videos do not engage, they will never pay attention or dedicate their time to see your video. In this case, you will not be able to receive any good worth associated with creating your video contents. In simple words, you should look for ways to bring improvement in the engagement of your customers, which is possible now with the help of SmartVideo.

SmartVideo is a software application to create the videos stands out from the huge crowd with almost similar type of video personalization technology, as used by professional videographers and designers of big companies. This software adds personalized video elements automatically in your created videos. In addition, it allows seamless integration with Facebook to display the profile information of customers instantly on any video.

Scope of SmartVideo Services

With the help of SmartVideo applications, you are able to perform the following activities-

  • Surges the Conversion Rate

Most of the research studies have revealed that personalized videos have resulted in the increase of click-through rates by maximum 98.5 percent.

  • Amplifies the Customers Engagement

Addition of clickable and personal call-to-action within the videos has resulted approximately 10 times increase in the customer engagement as compared to the ability of any normal video.

  • Creates Drastic Increase in ROI

A large number of top class companies have succeeded to achieve drastic increase in the ROI i.e. returns of investment with SmartVideo application than ever before.

Smarevideo Remix review

Features of SmartVideo Applications

Instantaneous Video Creation on Personalized Basis

Individual video marketers and e-commerce storeowners may easily use the software without any requirement of rendering it. Instead, one has to simply drag and drop it, slick the User Interface to allow his customers to create a personalized video within a flick of time. Whenever your users logging in to the Youtube, they may create videos on their own, type the required texts and insert images. Thus, with only a few clicks, one can complete the video.

Create Videos of Unlimited Length

One interesting feature of the application is that users do not have to bother about exact length of their videos. This is because; the app does not contain any limitation associated with the length of any video. In simple words, whether your video last for only few minutes or for several hours, you do not have to give additional payment.

Usage of Innovative Techniques

Your customers will get the opportunity to utilize the software and personalize various marketing techniques utilized by top companies across the worldwide.

Benefits of SmartVideo Application

  • Facility to Use Lead Magnets and Opt-ins to Increase the Subscriber List

We all know that increase in the subscriber list acts as a prime key to make money and we achieve this based on following-

  • Personalized smart videos increase the opt-ins to enjoy by your prospects while watching the videos and hence, they visit to your landing pages or click on advertisements.
  • In addition, you may boost your opt-in conversions by simply enticing your online viewers by unlocking a personalized video after the subscription.
  • Achieve Highest Possible Physical and E-Commerce Product Sales

The latest SmartVideo application helps a lot to earn highest possible physical and e-commerce sales of your product offers. You may create customized and quick videos, insert names and images of the last product purchased by your customer or simply geo-target different products to your customers.

Moreover, you may give a concrete idea to your prospects about what exactly their personalized items will appear whenever they will click on the buy button. Viewing the appearance of the product on own sales video would obviously give a tip over the edge.

  • Sell More Software Products and Information

You may creatively insert a name of your customer into your sales video, add various clickable CTAs and provide discounts at the personalized level to the specific customers.

  • Bring Improvements in the Portfolio of Your Affiliates

You may add both outros and intros with the help of voiceover to the already existing affiliate videos; include targeted personalization as well as clickable call-to-action with the affiliate link. In this way, your prospects always become overwhelmed with large numbers of advertisements and emails on every single day. Your affiliated promos will stand out from the huge crowd when your prospects view customized videos created particularly for meeting their requirements.

  • Opportunity to Make Broad Mass Appeal to the Customers

Irrespective of your operating industry or niche, you may opt to use SmartVideo to make huge mass appeal to your customers.

How SmartVideo Works

Using Chrome Extension Add-on

SmartVideo software application works by following the three simple and easy steps, as mentioned here.

Import of Media

First step involves quick import of the media contents, such as Vimeo or YouTube videos, recording of audio clips and finally, mash, mix, combine and edit them.

Tag to Personalize

Secondly, users only have to inset image and text personalization, pop-ups and add various stunning layers to the videos to give professional edge to them.

Publish of Unique Videos to a Huge Crowd

In the third and the final step, the SmartVideo software application leverages landing pages, autoresponders and Facebook. Thus, you may distribute the video to about 1000 different viewers and each viewer receives a unique video.

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